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Compare the Most Popular Types of Replacement Windows in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Homeowner’s Guide to Replacement Window Materials

Vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows: Which is best for your home? Each has advantages, and each has drawbacks. At Zen Windows Pennsylvania, we’ll help you consider each option and select the ideal window for your home.

We will provide the objective information you need to make the best decision for your needs. Because we’re the top-rated window company in Pennsylvania, you can depend on our team to give you reliable advice and solid recommendations.

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Weighing the Pros & Cons of Vinyl, Fiberglass & Wood Windows

Wood Windows


  • Wood windows create a beautiful aesthetic and enhance your home’s natural charm and warmth.
  • They’re ideal for historic renovations where maintaining the original aesthetic of the building is desirable or required by code.


  • Wood windows require more maintenance than vinyl or fiberglass windows.
  • Without proper care, they can rot and warp.
  • They’re also susceptible to insect infestation.
  • Over time, the heat of summer and chill of winter can cause the windows to expand and contract.
  • They can cost more to install and maintain than vinyl or fiberglass windows.

Summary of wood: Wood windows are beautiful and will stay that way as long as you take the time to maintain them. They will create a more natural, charming appearance, but they’ll cost more in money and time.


Fiberglass Windows


  • Fiberglass windows create an attractive appearance.
  • These durable, high-quality windows will look beautiful year after year.
  • Fiberglass windows are weather resistant and won’t rust, warp, or fade.
  • They offer significant energy savings.


  • Fiberglass windows can have weak points, particularly where they’re fastened together.
  • They’re not as airtight and watertight as fusion-welded vinyl windows.
  • Fiberglass windows may require repainting in the future.

Summary of fiberglass windows: These are more expensive than other options but will create an attractive, durable appearance.


Low-Quality Vinyl Windows

Low-Quality Advantages:

  • Lower cost

Low-Quality Drawbacks:

  • Can negatively impact the appearance of the home.
  • May chalk, and they’re likely to fade over time.

Summary of low-quality vinyl windows: We strongly advise against low-quality vinyl windows. They cost less to install but won’t provide the energy savings and longevity of other window options.


High-Quality Vinyl Windows

High-Quality Advantages:

  • Enhances curb appeal.
  • Has more glass and less vinyl frame, which creates a larger viewing area.
  • Costs less than fiberglass or wood windows.
  • Strong and durable. High-quality vinyl windows won’t warp, rot, or suffer from insect infestations down the road.

High-Quality Drawbacks:

  • Generally, these windows cannot be painted.
  • May contract and expand with the changing seasons.

Summary of high-quality vinyl windows: Cost-effective and affordable, high-quality vinyl windows are an energy-efficient selection that will provide years of lasting beauty with practically no maintenance.

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