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Awning Windows

Awning Window Installation and Replacement Services in Central PA

If you’re looking to add light and ventilation to first-floor bathrooms or your basement, consider installing awning windows. These unique windows allow even the dark and stuffy spaces below your home to have the benefits of sunlight and fresh air. If you’re unsure if awning windows are right for your home, this page lays out the pros and cons of awning windows so you can make the best decision for your home.

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What Are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open out from the bottom. They are typically installed much higher up on basement walls and first-floor bathrooms, providing light in dark spaces, fresh air, and privacy. Awning windows are different than casement windows because casements are hinged at the side, open inward, are crank-operated, and come in larger sizes that wouldn’t be appropriate for basements or private rooms.

Awning Window Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to having awning windows installed in your home. Since you can open them outward, they save space indoors while allowing proper light and ventilation into your home. They can also be left open in inclement weather because their designs allow for water to run down and away from sashes, leaving the inside you’re your home safe and dry. Awning windows are small in size and have a reliable latching system, offering more security for your home at an affordable price.

In order for your awning windows to function properly, they rely unobstructed outdoor space. Depending on your home’s walkways or space limitations, you may need to consider other options with awning windows would impede on outdoor comfort. Awning windows also require more frequent cleaning.


Zen Windows Awning Window Installation and Replacement in Central PA

When you need an awning window installation or replacement, turn to the experts at Zen Windows in Central PA. When you work with us, you’ll work directly with the owner. We’ll help guide you on your decision-making journey to make sure you receive the best windows for your home’s needs. To ensure customer satisfaction, we provide all of our customers with a no-money-down guarantee and a double warranty from the window manufacturer and us.

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Awning Window FAQs

Are awning windows energy-efficient?

Awning window’s construction makes them very energy efficient. Since the windows have no moving parts, they have few potential leak spots. They also have an airtight seal when closed, eliminating drafts, keeping your home comfortable, and lowering your energy bills.

How do awning windows operate?

Awning windows are hinged at the top and are crank-operated and open from the bottom outward. You can keep them open even if it’s raining without having to worrying about the inside of your home getting wet.

Where should I install awning windows?

Homeowners typically install awning windows above other windows for added light and ventilation, in tight spaces, and rooms where more privacy is needed.

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