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Bay & Bow Windows in Pittsburgh & Central PA

bay windowLooking to add elegance to your Central Pennsylvania home? You can achieve sophisticated style simply by installing bay or bow windows in your home. Not only do these windows draw serious curb appeal, but their design features a host of additional benefits for homeowners to enjoy for years to come.

Zen Windows Pennsylvania provides residents throughout Lancaster, Pittsburgh, and Central PA with the industry’s top-rated brands and products. With plenty of bay and bow window options to choose from, our installation team can bring timeless beauty to your home in no time.

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What Are Bay & Bow Windows?

Bay windows and bow windows are easily recognizable by their iconic protrusion from the home’s exterior. However, these windows have key differences between them that could dictate whether or not you choose one over the other:

  • Shape: Bay windows typically consist of three windows: a picture window flanked by two smaller windows on either side. Bow windows usually have four or five windows carefully aligned to form a gentle curve different than its angular bay window counterpart.
  • Space: Bay windows usually protrude farther from the home’s exterior, creating increased space indoors. These indoor spaces create great reading nooks and sitting areas; however, you’ll need to be sure that your bay window installation complies with your property line. If your home’s exterior is relatively close to your property line, a bow window may be a better option.
  • Light: Because bow windows feature more glass, they allow more natural light to grace your indoor living areas. Additionally, these windows can be configured to wrap around the corner of a home, providing unobstructed views of your surroundings. However, both window options offer ample light and easy access to beautiful vistas.

Some homeowners prefer the angular look of bay windows for more modern homes while bow windows are a favorite among Victorian-style dwellings. However, both options are great for any Central PA homeowner looking for an easy and stylish upgrade.

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Benefits of Bay & Bow Windows in Central PA

Not only do bay and bow windows provide undeniable elegance, but they also feature a host of additional benefits for homeowners to enjoy. The following are just some of the reasons homeowners love to have bay and bow windows installed:

  • Increased natural light
  • Unobstructed views
  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Added home value (especially with expanded indoor space from bay windows)

At Zen Windows, we only offer customers the highest-rated products, including energy-efficient double-pane glass configurations designed to increase energy savings in the home.

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Zen Windows proudly serves Lancaster, Pittsburgh, and the Greater Central Pennsylvania area. We provide each of our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: You don’t pay a dime until services are completed to your liking. Each of our windows is backed by a double warranty—one from us and one from the manufacturer—so you can enjoy high-performing windows for the long-term.

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We’re happy to present all your options and help you select the windows that best meet your needs. Our number one focus is your satisfaction and comfort. To that end, we’re proud to always offer:

·         A no-hassle, zero-pressure sales process

·         A no-upfront-deposit guarantee

·         The highest-quality windows at the most competitive prices around!

That’s why Zen Windows is a leading window replacement company through the Central Pennsylvania area!

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