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Craftsman Windows

craftsman windowsCraftsman-style homes are popular through the Pittsburgh area. Marked by distinguishable features like the iconic craftsman windows, these bungalows are the product of the Arts and Crafts Movement in America from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Installing craftsman windows is one way to bring enhanced beauty and elegance to your Central Pennsylvania home.

Zen Windows Pennsylvania specializes in creating breathtaking craftsman-style windows for residents throughout Lancaster, Pittsburgh, and the surrounding Central Pennsylvania region.

Make these iconic features part of your home’s aesthetic by contacting our team for craftsman window installation or replacement services today at (412) 345-8220 in Central PA or (717) 773-4562 in Lancaster. 

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Benefits of Craftsman Windows for Pittsburgh Homes

Craftsman-style homes gained in popularity during the late 1800s as American architects moved from the intricate and cramped Victorian style to a more open-concept living plan. Among their more iconic features, craftsman windows pay particular homage to this movement in modern architecture.

Craftsman windows possess certain characteristics that differentiate them from other window types. Usually offered as double-hung or casement windows, craftsman windows also feature the following:

  • Valance grids: A decorative element, valance grids (or grilles) are the squared, sectioned portions across the top of craftsman windows.
  • Colors and finishes: Craftsman bungalows usually feature warm, earthy color tones that are echoed throughout all of their architectural elements, including the windows.

Because craftsman windows are typically offered as double-hung or casement configurations, they provide homeowners with benefits like:

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Enhanced energy efficiency and insulation
  • Increased ventilation and airflow
  • Ample natural light within the home

Craftsman windows make a beautiful addition to almost any Central Pennsylvania home.

If you’re looking to bring timeless elegance to your Pittsburgh residence, call Zen Windows at (412) 345-3932 in Central Pennsylvania or 866-516-4396 in Lancaster to learn more about our craftsman window products and services today! 


Are Craftsman Windows Right for Your Central PA Home?

Because of their signature aesthetic, craftsman windows are best suited for particular architectural styles. Tradditionally, these windows are seen in American bungalows that feature wide porches supported by large pillars and broad wooden or stone roofs. These homes typically feature large living rooms with a fireplace as the focal point, and they are usually characterized by a smaller home footprint.

While the bungalow is the best fit for craftsman-style windows, other Lancaster homes can also pull off the look successfully. Contemporary homes, farmhouses, prairie, mission, and four-square homes all make great candidates for craftsman window installation.

Find out if craftsman windows are the right fit for your Central Pennsylvania home by contacting Zen Windows today. 

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