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Double-Hung Windows in Pittsburgh & Central PA

Double Hung Windows in Pittsburgh & Central PADouble-hung windows are found in all types of PA homes because they look terrific and function exceptionally well. Double-hung windows by Zen Windows Pennsylvania offer many customization options—so that they perfectly suit your taste and home style.

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What Is a Double-Hung Window?

Double-hung windows have two sashes, which open and close vertically within the frame. You can easily raise the bottom sash and lower the top sash for fresh air and breezy ventilation.

These beautiful vinyl replacement windows serve to frame a lovely outdoor view as you relax inside your home and also improve your home’s curb appeal when viewed from the exterior. The tilt feature provides easy access for window cleaning.

Since your home and personal taste are unique, we can customize your double-hung windows with high-quality vinyl window frames in several attractive color options. Window grids can be used to add authentic New England flair or distinctive Prairie style to your windows.

Choose from hardware and finish options to complete the look of your double-hung replacement windows. As dedicated PA window installers, we sell only the best vinyl windows and perform flawless installations so that your windows function properly and enhance your Pennsylvania home for decades to come.

If you like the appearance of a double-hung window, but only need to open your windows from the bottom, you can also consider single-hung windows.

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Double-Hung Window Benefits for Central PA Homeowners

Replacement double-hung vinyl windows offer many advantages. Choose these windows when you want:

  • Classic styling that looks great on most home types in Pennsylvania
  • Space-saving vertical operation, which never blocks outdoor walkways or obstructs porch furniture
  • Customization for a unique look—for instance, you can choose your favorite vinyl window options, including interior and exterior frame colors, window grid design (or no grid) and various screen types
  • Sash options. You can order equal-sized sashes, or request a larger sash on the top or the bottom
  • Energy efficiency, since operable sashes (on both the top and bottom) help you maximize and control the fresh airflow as needed for your complete comfort
  • Inward tilt that simplifies cleaning from indoors
  • Ideal window choice for renovating a house or completing a historical restoration

Frequently Asked Questions About Double-Hung Windows

What are the advantages of double-hung windows?

Double-hung windows provide excellent ventilation capabilities and airflow control. When you open both the top and bottom sash on your double-hung window, the bottom will let in the fresh air, while the top will release your home’s indoor air. They are also extremely adaptable to a variety of home styles as they come in an array of styles, sizes, colors, and finishes.

Are double-hung windows better than single-hung windows?

While single-hung windows are more simplistic and may be preferred for authentic looks on historic or older homes, double-hung windows offer several more advantages for modern housing. With their exceptional ventilation and airflow abilities, double-hung windows are also refreshingly easy to clean. They are also safer by design, especially if you have children in the home because you can keep the bottom sash locked and open the top sash to keep fresh air flowing through your house.

How does a double-hung window work?

A double-hung window consists of two sashes, one on top and another on the bottom. (A window sash is the part that holds the glass pane.) Two sashes allow the window to slide open from the top as well as the bottom. Most double-hung windows allow the sashes to tilt in and out as well.

Are double-hung windows worth it?

When you invest in double-hung windows, you are choosing to equip your home with the tools needed for optimal comfort. You’ll likely save some money on utility bills as well! Reducing air leaks by keeping the warm air or cool air indoors, depending on the season, is always in your best interest financially. One final thing to consider is how double-hung windows can raise the resale value of your home. Energy-efficient upgrades are highly desired by homebuyers, so if you plan on selling your house one day, this investment could pay off down the road

Why Get Double-Hung Windows at Zen Windows Pennsylvania?

At Zen Windows, we believe our customers should enjoy the process of getting new windows as much as the final result. Our team has significant experience in all aspects of window replacement, including our popular double-hung windows, and we aim to provide our customers with quality windows at reasonable prices. We never charge a down payment, and you can rest assured that when you reach out to us, you’ll always deal directly with the owners of the company.

We’re happy to present all your options and help you select the windows that best meet your needs, without any sales pressure. We are focused on your satisfaction and comfort.

Our expert PA window installation service comes with a Lifetime Warranty—and we never require a deposit to begin work. We don’t get paid for installing your windows until you are completely happy with the result. We offer payment plans to fit your budget. Our goal is to provide superior service and high-quality vinyl windows at a reasonable price for PA homeowners.

Get your free quote for replacement double-hung windows today. Call 717-773-4562 in Lancaster or 412-345-8220 in Central PA. You can also contact Zen Windows Pennsylvania online!

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