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Garden Window Installation & Replacement With Zen Windows Pennsylvania

garden window in a kitchen above the sinkWindows don’t always have to be flush against the walls of your home—sometimes, homeowners opt for windows that can add depth and dimension as well as natural light to their home. Garden windows are one of the most popular three-dimensional options for Pennsylvania homeowners looking to bring nature inside their homes. A type of bay window, garden windows are like mini-greenhouses where plants and flowers can thrive. Their ledges are the perfect spot for décor, houseplants, or a lazy kitten that wants to soak in the sun.

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What Are Garden Windows?

“What’s the difference between a bay window and a garden window?” you may ask. Similar to the tradditional bay window, garden windows extend past the home’s exterior wall, usually at about 18 inches. While bay windows are normally the focal point of a room, a garden window is a lovely accessory addition. You can install your garden window over the kitchen sink, making it the ideal spot for a small indoor garden. The glass in a garden window is usually one inch thick, so it’s energy-efficient and insulates the home. However, to enjoy the fresh air outside, you can always opt for the twin-sealed side vents.

Garden Windows Pros & Cons for Central PA Homeowners

Garden windows have a lot of positive aspects that homeowners in Central Pennsylvania might want to consider when deciding whether or not to add them to their home:

  • They are well insulated and energy-efficient.
  • They add natural light and ventilation to your kitchen.
  • They are a unique place to add décor and an indoor garden.
  • They are durable, made of a PVC vinyl frame.

However, there are a few cons to having a garden window. More than anything, these are preferences some homeowners might not want:

  • Their inherent structure can trap heat from the sunlight.
  • Depending on your kitchen’s position, they could increase energy costs during the summer months.

Though some garden windows can trap heat, Zen Windows Pennsylvania can use higher quality, better insulated low-E glass to avoid this.

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Zen Windows Installation & Replacement

It’s always important to hire a professional to install or replace garden windows to avoid breaking any panes or the frame. Zen Windows has the experienced installation crew you need to make your home more beautiful. Work directly with the owner and bypass the need to talk to high-pressure salespeople. We offer all of our customers a no-money-down, double-warranty guarantee so you get the best service and the best protection for your investment.

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