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Slider Windows

slider window above sinkWhen the time comes to replace windows in your Pittsburgh or Central Pennsylvania home, you’re looking for a solution that carefully balances beauty and functionality. Slider windows from Zen Windows Pennsylvania may be exactly the thing you need!

Zen Windows has been proudly serving the needs of Lancaster, Pittsburgh, and Central PA for years. With our diverse range of product options from top-rated manufacturers, we’re the ideal window company to call on when you’re looking for slider window replacement.

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What Is a Slider Window?

Slider windows are a horizontally operated window type that features two sashes—either one or both sashes will be operable. These windows come in two major types: single-slider windows, in which only one of the sashes is operable, or double-slider windows, where both sashes can be moved independently.

The sashes can be operated by simply sliding them to the side, which moves the sash along a track. It’s easiest to think of them as a double-hung window, but set on its side.

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Best Places for Slider Windows in Homes

Because slider windows come in a very wide range of sizes and designs, they’re an ideal option for window installation throughout the entire home. Most commonly slider windows are seen in restrooms, living rooms, and utility rooms—areas that need a lot of ventilation, which slider windows offer a ton of.

Because of how easily they operate, they’re a great choice for areas that may be hard to reach. This makes them a great pick over casement or awning windows, which require access to the crank that can be hard to reach in odd locations.

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Benefits of Slider Windows

Slider windows offer a large number of excellent advantages that may lead you to choosing them as your ideal window replacement option. By choosing sliding windows you can enjoy:

  • As little or as much natural light as you need – Because slider windows can come in nearly any size, a homeowner can easily select the option that lets in as much light as they want.
  • A wide range of aesthetic and structural options – Slider windows can be manufactured using vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and even metal. With numerous frame options and colors as well, there’s a slider window for any home.
  • Sturdy, secure windows – Slider windows are very simplistic in how they operate. Because they don’t need any complex mechanisms or hinges, their design is supremely sturdy.
  • Excellent energy efficiency – While slider windows are awesome for ventilation when you want it, they will not leak air at all when they are closed.
  • Low-maintenance windows – Slider windows are very easy to keep clean and maintained, requiring little more than dusting from time to time.

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At Zen Windows we make shopping for slider windows easy, engaging, and stress-free. You pay no money down—we don’t expect payment until you’re totally satisfied with your replacement or new installation slider windows.

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Some of the frequently asked questions we receive include:

Are Sliding Windows More Expensive Than Other Windows?

The upfront investment of sliding windows is usually higher than double-hung or casement windows. Sliding and double-hung are the most popular window choices.

Sliding windows are usually bigger than double-hung windows, so they are terrific picture windows. They allow for greater light indoors and better ventilation. Slider windows are also more energy-efficient because they have fewer moving parts. Pennsylvania has extreme weather; sliding windows can reduce monthly energy bills.

Your slider windows will increase your property value. So even with a higher upfront cost, the return you’ll get on your investment makes them a good buy.

How Does a Slider Window Work?

Slider windows are easy to use. They move horizontally along a track; some open at just one end, while others have options to open on both sides. You can use fixed or movable screens.

When Should You Use a Slider Window?

The reasons property owners choose slider windows include:

  • Easier to use – Sliding windows operate efficiently and easily. They’re the choice for older and physically challenged homeowners.
  • Endurance – Sliding windows last longer than other types of windows because – again – their design is simple and they have few moving parts. Other windows have pulleys and springs that can wear down over time. Slider windows are best for long-term use.
  • Form/function – Slider windows are attractive additions to any home. But for energy-conscious property owners, sliding windows can measurably reduce heating and cooling costs. You’ll have greater control over indoor ventilation because you’ll have much less window energy loss.
  • Lower maintenance – If repairs are needed, they will be simple and low-cost, because there just aren’t that many moving parts on sliding windows. They’re easy to clean, too.

Your team of professionals at Zen Windows Pennsylvania will partner with you for the best, most affordable choice for windows in your home. We want to increase your curb value and ensure an architectural continuity that adds value to your property and your quality of life! Call 717-773-4562 (Lancaster) or 412-345-8220 (Central Pennsylvania), or contact us online. Let’s plan your project together!

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